CSS Product Source Code

CSS is (finally!) releasing the source code for select product utilities.  We are doing this as an effort to promote development of further 8-bit utilities based on our hardware designs (such as making a CD-ROM reader for the Black Box). 

These are the sources to the current release versions of the utilities.  NO DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED, AND NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE GIVEN.  These programs were written 8-10 years ago, and the only documentation is the code itself. 

The programs are Copyrighted by Computer Software Services, and NO permission is implied or granted to anyone to:

WB01626_.gif (1041 bytes) You may NOT use these programs for commercial use

WB01626_.gif (1041 bytes) You may NOT derive any financial gain as a result of using or modifying this code

WB01626_.gif (1041 bytes) You may NOT Modify this code, and release it without express permission from Bob Puff / CSS.

It is for study purposes only.  If you have an interest in modifying this to add features or bug fixes, please contact CSS directly.

Downloading the files listed below indicates your Acceptance and agreement of these terms.

All files were written with the Mac/65 Assembler/Editor cartridge from OSS.   The files are presented here in three formats: The Mac/65 Tokenized File (that you can directly LOAD into Mac/65), the LISTed Mac/65 file (with line numbers - use the ENTER #fn,M command), and the PRINTed source (without line numbers) that can be loaded into a PC cross-assembler.  Note that any ATASCII characters that might be in ".byte" statements are retained, so they may look strange on the PC side.

Black Box Utilities


Floppy Board Utilities


UltraSpeed Plus Utilities



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