The Quintopus

The Quintopus is a tremendously convenient device that eliminates the problems asociated with the endless "daisy chaining" of peripherals (drives, interfaces, printers, etc.). The Quintopus is an I/O port expander that converts a single I/O port into five ports. Instead of daisy chaining all your peripherals (which often times results in passing a signal through 30 feet or more of cable), the Quintopus allows each device to be connected directly to the computer through only three or four feet of cable. This is particularly useful when attempting to use Ultra Speed data transfers. The Quintopus provides the extra I/O ports often needed to connect devices not having daisy chaining capabilities such as the XM301 and SX212 modems. Cable resistance and capacitance are greatly reduced, thereby significantly improving the probability of accurate data transfers.

A deluxe version of the Quintopus has all of the standard Quintopus’ features with the additional benefits of two switchable ports. This means you can switch between multiple combinations of peripherals or computers without the hassle of rearranging I/O cables.

The basic Quintopus is only $39.95, while the switchable port version sells for only $59.95. Add $5 for shipping/handling.

Click Here for the Quintopus Manual