The Floppy Board

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The Floppy Board is an add-on expansion board for the Black Box interface. It allows the use of the same inexpensive floppy drive mechanisms used in IBM computers. The Floppy Board is the first floppy drive interface to support "high density" floppy drive mechanisms. Up to four floppy drive mechanisms can be connected. The Floppy Board supports not only 720kB and 1.44MB 3.5 inch drives, but also the popular 1.2MB and 360kB 5.25 inch drives. Also supported are the older 180kB 5.25 inch, 360kB 3.5 inch, and 8 inch floppy drives. Built-in to the Floppy Board are our Black Box Enhancer (see below) and a version of our Super Archiver to allow copying of protected disks for 3.5 inch format.

Since the Floppy Board uses the parallel bus interface on your computer, disks formatted on the Floppy Board are accessed at very fast speeds, providing substantial performance increases never before seen on an 8-bit computer. When first booting your computer, a Floppy Board drive will load MYDOS 4.50 four times faster than Atari 1050!

Floppy Board drives connect to the floppy drive port on the Black Box, and are configured through the Black Box configuration menu. Floppy Board drives are addressed differently than external drives, so they do not interfere with their operation. Through the Black Box configuration menu, you can have four external drives and four Floppy Board drives online at once! Included with your Floppy Board is our program to read, write, and format IBM or ST disks. This makes the Floppy Board the best way to transfer files to or from your 8-bit!

Installation requires only two simple solder connections and plugging the Floppy Board into your Black Box. The Floppy Board is only $149.95 plus $8 shipping and handling. IMPORTANT: Please call or FAX for availability before ordering. We also sell drives, drive cables, power supplies, and power conversion cables for floppy drive mechanisms.

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