The XF Single Drive Upgrade

The XF 3.5 inch Single Drive Upgrade for your XF551 disk drive will double your storage space to 720kB by replacing your 5.25 inch, 360kB floppy with a new 3.5 inch, 720kB floppy disk drive. This is not to be confused with public domain upgrades. Our custom chip and brain module provide true Ultra Speed compatibility (extremely fast operation with compatible sector copiers and DOSes), and eliminate incompatibilities with software. The upgrade is designed so that it will work with a 5.25 inch drive should you ever need to switch back to it.

Included in our kit is a high quality, 3.5 inch floppy drive mounted in a 5.25 inch frame so as to provide a perfect fit inside your XF551. Also included is a program which allows you to read IBM and Atari ST disks on your converted drive. Built-in text translation is featured for easy porting of PC/ST text files into 8-bit word processors.

Minimal soldering is required for installation. As usual, CSS provides free installation for those unable to do it themselves.

The XF551 Single Drive Upgrade sells for only $99.95 plus $8 shipping/handling. If you already have a 3.5 inch drive to use, you may order the kit minus the 3.5 inch drive for $59.95 plus $5 shipping/handling.