The XF Dual Drive Upgrade

Our XF Dual Drive Upgrade has all the features of our Single Drive Upgrade, but allows you to have both your 5.25 inch, 360kB floppy and a 3.5 inch 720kB floppy drive on your system. This is a totally switchless upgrade that turns one XF551 into two disk drives. Each drive acts separately, with the 3.5 inch drive assuming the next drive number higher than the 5.25 inch drive. You can copy between drives and can even mix densities!

Complete with a 3.5 inch drive, the XF551 3.5 inch Dual Drive Upgrade is only $139.95 plus $8 shipping/handling. If you already have a 3.5 inch drive, you may purchase the kit without the 3.5 inch drive for $89.95 plus $5 shipping/handling.